The Fourth Dimension, Bridging the Gap: Tim Graf between Theory and Fact

As I began my  5th Grade Science unit on  “Forces”, we took the time to talk about the one major force that influences our life the most, Gravity.  At the time we talked about Issac Newton and the falling apple.  Our discussion then continued on to Albert Eistein and the Theory of Relativity.  I did say that, at the time, this was only a theory and not fact.  Little did I know how things would change.

Two weeks ago, Einsteins’ Theory of Relativity was proven that gravity can and does travel in waves.  By our next class my students couldn’t contain their excitement to tell me what they had found out from watching the news away from school.

In this case, their knowledge was reinforced by the scientist in the US, bridging the gap between what they study and real world application of that knowledge.

Let’s keep discovering.

Mr. T

Below is a clip from the Stephen Colbert Show, where this discovery was explained.

Fact of Relativity



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