Ofsted and Our National Curriculum: Tim Graf

As I look back on my experiences in Southampton, I feel that our school is certainly heading in the right direction.

The schools I had the opportunity to visit really worked hard to meet all the expectations of what is expected from the UK’s  Office for Standards in Education.  There was a flip side to this.  Many of the older teachers felt that there job was more focused on meeting standards than focusing on student learning.  The younger teachers are leaving the profession as they feel that they are working much longer hours than just the school day for minimal pay.

Our school is in a good way.  We have come together to raise the standard of our school to meet expectations we want to achieve.  We are not there yet, but getting ever closer.  I cannot speak for others but feel that what is expected from us has risen, but so has the success of our school.  Success stems from good leadership.  That was clear in all of the schools I visited.  So, let us continue to “Bridge the Gap”.


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