Let’s Play!

This is my very first blogging contribution – hope that all my Erasmus acquaintances will be able to read this. 

 “Bridging the Gap” – is the title and at the same time the main purpose of our project: as a librarian and a person interested in history, different civilizations and culture, I am convinced that for understanding each other’s thinking and reactions, the first tool should be to learn about the historical past, customs and traditions of our selected country. During our schooling we’ve got an overview of British history, but certainly did not have time to learn about interesting aspects of British every day life, although these I think would help us better to understand the reasoning and logic behind actions of British people than the pure chronological facts.

Being a regular reader of the BBC History magazine gave me the idea of launching an ongoing quiz game for our Erasmus group: each week you will read a question about the curiosities of British history and culture posted on this blog.  You have a week for searching and sending the answer to my e-mail address.  I will count your correct answers, and the person with the most point will receive a prize from me after my return from Oxford in March 2016. At the same time of giving the new question I will put up the right answer of the previous one. Please let me know if you intend to join the game – even if you will not be the lucky winner, by reading the answers you will you will gain a background knowledge on England. 

The first question is:


 Starting to prepare for my Erasmus week in Oxford is lots of fun! Gabi Schimert


One thought on “Let’s Play!”

  1. The first was Offa, who ruled from 757 to 796, who was called “Rex Anglorum,” or “King of the English”.
    But Henry IV. , who ruled in the 15th century, was the first English king to speak English as his first language. 🙂


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